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Eco Community

What is an "Eco-Community"?







We are four founding members at the Heart of K'Ananda living in harmony with nature, ourselves and others, taking responsibility for our actions and our way of life so that our impact on the world around us is positive, constructive and uplifting.


We take what we need, we give what we can, and we make decisions that foster an exchange of energy that benefits all involved. We are living in a time when it's no longer enough to simply be "self sustaining"... We need to recover lost ground and build towards abundance - the natural basis of all life.

It has become commonplace in our modern society to live in ways that create both physical and energetic disharmony. We believe that eco-communities are the key to bringing the harmony back into the cycle of life. Little by little, returning to a more organic and natural way of living... creating hubs of regenerative lifestyles that can serve as blueprints for returning to a sustainable and conscious way of living.

And then, to share this way of life with others by serving as a living library for volunteers and visitors to experience the feeling of harmonious living... for we believe that once you have been touched by the feeling of K'Ananda, you will be forever changed for the bette and love more without fear wherever you go.

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Are you interested in learning more about joining the K'Ananda community?


Whether you're interested in purchasing an existing home, building a new home, purchasing or renting land on which you could build a yurt or park a caravan, renting a house either in the village or out in nature, there are many opportunities for you to find your place in the K'Ananda community.


If joining the K'Ananda community feels like it might be a fit for you, we'd love to hear from you so that we can begin the process of getting to know each other.

Would you like to experience what it's like to live in an intentional community? Would you like to meet new people and learn new skills or contribute with your existing skills while making a difference in the world? If so, perhaps you'd like to spend some time with us as a volunteer.

If you're interested in learning more about our volunteering opportunities, familiarise yourself first with our current Project Status and then contact us .

K'Ananda offers visitors the opportunity to experience a unique and harmonious way of life that most people rarely encounter. Surrounded by nature, it is the perfect place to disconnect from the fast-paced lifestyles that are so prevalent in today's society.


Whether you're interested in a quiet and peaceful get-away where you can enjoy some needed rest and tranquility, or if you're looking for new experiences full of adventure and self exploration, K'Ananda has a wide variety of experiences to offer.


We'd love to meet you!

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