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We are building a village... intentionally.

Have you ever dreamed of living in a paradise where your neighbours are your friends... where you can live, work and play all at the same time... where you feel nourished and supported by both the environment and the people... where you feel valued for being your authentic self while valuing and accepting the authenticity of those around you?


Imagine living in a place where you're given the space to contribute with your natural talents... where you're divinely guided to self exploration and growth... where you're encouraged to express your deepest self... and where there is no separation between earth, nature and the magnificence that is you.

"Out beyond ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing there is a field...

I'll meet you there." ~ Rumi

We are building Rumi's field and actively seeking you.

It is a deep, life-changing and conscious decision, read about our own journey.

As such, it is important to pace yourself and take bite-sized steps along the way.

For example, researching our geographical area, establishing your personal timescales, assessing your level of financial self-sustainability and embarking on self-growth work.


For anyone feeling called to join our community or temporarily experiment living differently, we are honoured and you are welcome, thank you. We invite you to reserve a short break with us, which gives you the opportunity to experience our location, off-grid facilities and allows time and space to share thoughts and visions. 


Subsequently, a longer stay to volunteer and/or work remotely is ideal. You can be part of our day-to-day life and activities, including community building, land maintenance, conflict resolution, project planning, events and tribe gatherings. Come and experience the ups and downs and the quick self-growth that an intentional community can offer! You’ll be supported but also encouraged to proactively contribute your particular skills, knowledge and talents so you feel in as much as possible one of us.


If we are still aligned, then, paradoxically, go as far away as you can!

Feel your heart's calling, engage with your "normal" life, is the fire is still in your belly? 

If so, we are confident that a tailored solution for all will arise, as it once did for us.

There are also plenty of opportunities to refurbish old dwellings in nearby lands, connect with other intentional projects or launch your own initiatives.

Joining our Village

At K'Ananda, we value:


  • Live and let live - we are not here to change others, we are here to changes ourselves. Respect, acceptance, love, compassion and honour for the perfection that exists in each of us is mandatory. We honour each other's paths without judgement, while diligently being the keeper and protector of our own individual needs.

  • Honour for all life - knowing that we are not separate from our planet, nor from nature, nor from each other, but rather an interconnected and wondrous oneness of life. When we truly honour and respect the life-force that exists in everything, our actions can only generate positive and life-giving changes in the world.

  • Taking responsibility for ourselves and practicing responsibility in all areas of our own lives... knowing that we are the creators of our own individual realities. When we adopt a 100% responsibility attitude, we become limitless!

  • Welcoming, celebrating and creating space for "mistakes"... for when we make mistakes it means we are being creative, adventurous and curious. This is where true innovation and creativity begin. When we are willing to try new things without the fear of failure, we create expansive opportunities for miracles and magic to happen.

  • Integrating joyful living practices in all that we do. The experience of life is a gift to be enjoyed, shared and revered. We seek to infuse our activities with pleasure, joy and laughter.

  • Being true to our most authentic selves, aligning ourselves with our own vibrational truths, and honouring that process in others.

  • Focusing on opportunities for continual growth and expansion... both individually and as a community, knowing that it is the expansion that gives us the meaning to life.

This website serves as the foundation for our vision of K'Ananda.

We are turning our dreams into reality, little by little, day by day, as we build the community of K'Ananda.

Our vision is to build this paradise as we've outlined here... to learn and to grow, to share and to create, to repair and to renew.

We believe that we can make a positive difference in the world through our projects, through our community, and through our outreach.

We will heal the Earth with our attention, care, and determination.

We will heal ourselves with our desires and our willingness to let go.

We will heal each other with our love and compassion.

We will create ripples in the fabric of our interactions that will spread across the globe... planting seeds of healing and love.

We will experience profound growth and abundance from our life in community.

We will give more than we take.

We will strive towards excellence, setting an example of what conscious living looks and feels like.

We will share our gifts with the world.


We have all been moving towards this moment for all of our lives... and so we have great and wonderful things to do together.


It is a beautiful moment to be living this life. It is a beautiful moment to become...


We believe in the power of diversity, and welcome all types of people to join the K'Ananda community.


If you feel a resonance with our values and our vision, and if you're ready to commit to a conscious, mindful, joyful, responsible and nurturing way of life, we'd love to begin the process of welcoming you to our village.

Members of the K'Ananda community will feel a vibrational resonance with the following qualities:

  • Willingness to be open, honest, kind, and to communicate from the heart.

  • Regard others with love, acceptance and respect, acknowledging that each of us are on our own individual journeys of growth, self expression, and spiritual evolution.

  • Intention towards positivity and the mindful practice of lifting up vibrationally with our presence, our words, our thoughts and our actions.

  • Enthusiasm for life, for expansion, for growth and for understanding. To be in love with life, to be happy to be alive, to foster a sense of gratitude for all of our blessings, and to be in awe of the wonders that abound.

  • Bringing curiosity and a beginner's mind approach to each day, each project, each connection, each interaction... knowing that when we make assumptions we limit the possibilities. Yet when we are curious and open to the unfolding of the present moment and all it has to offer, we create the space for magic to happen.

  • The understanding that there is no perfection except the perfection of being one with the "now".

  • Practicing the art of choosing love over fear... choosing happiness over being "right"... choosing understanding over judgment... choosing growth and expansion over the safety of our comfort zones... choosing to be the entire ocean in a drop of water over being a drop of water in the ocean.

Our dream for K'Ananda is to build a mecca of artists, musicians, alternative healers, artisans, visionaries, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, dreamers, nature-lovers, crafters, and other spiritually focused individuals and families. Regarding all the ways that people are categorized into groups such as age, gender, race, and so forth... we choose to embrace the concept that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, and for us there are no labels sufficient to categorize or describe the wondrous magnificence that is YOU.


We do not see colours when we look at skin. We do not see limits when we look at love. We do not characterize youth nor wisdom by the number of trips taken around the sun. We do not associate ones value based on their possession of material goods and/or money. Rather, we prefer to see each person as the limitless miracle of life that they are.


Together we will create a paradise where we can raise the vibration for growth, expansion and healing, not only for ourselves and lands, but also to emit this energy outward so that it ripples across the world. The foundation of K'Ananda is one of honour and respect for nature and each other. Together we will build our tribe.

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