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Our mission at K'Ananda is to build an ecosystem where we can thrive as a community while restoring the natural harmony of our lands. We are currently designing several projects involving reforestation, permaculture, bio-construction, off-grid living and the 3 R's (reduce, recycle, repurpose) in our own land. Starting in September 2023, we will also be running workshops aimed at 6-12 year olds around these themes on a weekly basis. We believe firmly in the power of learning together and inter-generational connectedness. We are also proud associates and active participants in local, national and international initiatives run by environmental not-for-profit organisations and continue to expand our partnerships with local businesses who share our goals.

The members of the K'Ananda community are dedicated to creating sustainable and regenerative living practices where we can not only stop contributing to the standard system of living that is negatively impacting our planet, but to take committed action. Thus, we can begin reversing the damage that has been done and serve a model for others to learn from, and more importantly, to recreate in other areas of the world.

"Because the world owes me nothing,
and we owe each other the world." ~ Ani DiFranco




We are just beginning the journey of building the K'Ananda community. If our vision resonates with your deepest truth, then perhaps K'Ananda is calling you.

We eagerly anticipate the enlightened, adventurous, creative, unique, connected souls who have been searching for a new way of life and have found their way here. We believe in the magnificence of attraction and know that what we are seeking is seeking us. If K'Ananda feels like a place you'd call "home", we look forward to meeting you and discovering all the wonderful things we can create together...

in community. ♥

Our dream for K'Ananda is to build a mecca of artists, musicians, alternative healers, artisans, visionaries, dreamers, nature-lovers, crafters, and other spiritually focused individuals and families. Regarding all the ways that people are categorized into groups such as age, gender, race, and so forth... we choose to embrace the concept that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, and for us there are no labels sufficient to categorize or describe the wondrous magnificence that is YOU. We do not see colours when we look at skin. We do not see limits when we look at love. We do not characterize youth nor wisdom by the number of trips taken around the sun. We do not associate ones value based on their possession of material goods and/or money. Rather, we prefer to see each person as the limitless miracle of life that they are.


Together we will create a paradise where we can raise the vibration for growth, expansion and healing -- not only for ourselves and for our lands, but also to emit this energy outward so that it ripples across the world.


The foundation of K'Ananda is one of honour and respect for nature and each other.

Together we will build our tribe.

Keen to visit us for a short say? Would you like to volunteer mid-term in one of our projects? Will you join us?

We hope to cross paths with you.

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