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Our mission at K'Ananda is to build an ecosystem where we can thrive as a community while restoring the natural harmony of our lands. We have several projects to help us accomplish this goal... from reforestation, to permaculture, to bio-construction, to education.

The members of the K'Ananda community are dedicated to creating sustainable and regenerative living practices where we can not only stop contributing to the system that is negatively impacting our planet, but to take action so that we can begin reversing the damage that has been done, and serve a model for others to learn from, and to recreate in other areas of the world.

"Because the world owes me nothing, and we owe each other the world".
Ani DiFranco


Land & animal mapping - Spring 2024

Plant-based water purification - Summer 2024

Dry Stone Wall Repairs - ONGOING

Art & Crafts - ONGOING

Olive Tree Care - ONGOING

Shared Housekeeping - ONGOING

Land Care & Regeneration - ONGOING

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